The Sendesaal

In the center of the studio

Sendesaal Bremen has a spacious stage of 13 to 11 meters. Originally built for the Radio Bremen Orchestra it has three fixed stage levels. The volume of the hall is 2800 cubic meters on a floor space of 313 square meters.

Air conditioning works completely silent and – due to its box-in-a-box construction with the ceiling and the inner walls held by springs – the hall offers utterly quiet conditions to start with. The average reverb time is 1,45 s.

See stage plan

Next to the stage there is a comfortable loading ramp for any sort of equipment. 50 non-directional microphone lines can be directly patched into the green room on ground level where a mobile control room can easily be installed.

Furthermore coaxial MADI-interfaces are available that can be linked to the control room on the 1st floor.

Instrument rental

2 Steinway D grand pianos
1 Bösendorfer model 275 grand piano
1 Kawai grand piano
1 harpsichord E. Merzdorf (restored by Christian Kuhlmann in 2010), 2 manuals, 2×8′, Nasal, 1×4′, F’-f”’, 415/440 Hz
Positive organ Marc Garnier, Straßburg 1974, 8′ and 4′, 415/440 Hz
Regals 5 ½ octaves, Marc Garnier, Straßburg 1976

Dressing rooms

Two artists dressing rooms are situated next to the stage (17 and 27 square meters). There are seats and tables available, a bath room with a shower and a small kitchen. Guests can be provided with WLAN, too.