Control room

Main control room P50

The control room P50 (41 square meters) including a small common room and a kitchen is situated on the 1st floor with a large window facing to the Sendesaal.

It was completely refurbished in the early nineties and disposes of professional recording equipment, a remote camera, red light routing, intercom and a separate producers place.

Extra room P55

A glass door connects the control room with room P55. It has 30 square meters. There you find another separate producers unit with listening devices, stage monitoring line-of-sight to the control room.

An announcer’s desk for radio live transmissions is installed including microphone and headphone sets, intercom, redlight routing, and fader-controlled turn-off monitoring of the transmitted program.

This room has at its disposal a coaxial MADI-interface which makes this room suitable for another mobile control room.