»Warum hat die Adelheid keinen Abend für mich Zeit?«


Audio CD / 16 tracks / total time 63:19

Salonorchester CAPPUCCINO

Release on April 30, 2019
EAN: 0193483520162

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Egon Friedell once said, »Only in yearning can people be themselves (…) in having they suddenly become like everyone else.« In a time that has made »perfection« a standard, one cannot praise the incomplete enough: What would a life be without wishes? Absolutely sterile. And unlimited success? Totally boring.

On this most recent CD release, Salonorchester CAPPUCCINO carefully approaches the sensitive topics between pain and bliss. Alongside serious life crises such as heartache or homesickness, there are many small »petty yearnings«, such as the desire for ice cream or the blissful »tipsiness« after a long and hard night. The world of the musical salon seems to be just the right place to explore the cosmos of such elemental emotions. After all, in the end most of life turns out to be an »illusion«...

Salonorchester CAPPUCCINO is an ensemble that builds on the history of the flourishing Leipzig music scene. Before the First World War, almost every hotel in Germany‘s richest city had its own orchestra, and unlike the West German hemisphere, the culture of the salon in the East was »socialistically purified«, yet still alive until the 1970s! In the 25 years of its concert series »Das gibt‘ s nur einmal« (This only happens once), the ensemble is deeply immersed in this tradition. Its members mostly belong to renowned orchestras such as the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig and the Staatskapelle Halle, or are professors at the conservatories of Cologne and Bremen. Particularly influential for the ensemble is its pianist and arranger Prof. Horst Singer, who belonged to the most famous East German big band under Fips Fleischer for more than 25 years.

Warum hat die Adelheid keinen Abend für mich Zeit? (brhCD1801)
Press release from April 30, 2019
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01 Alo Koll: Heiterer Auftakt
02 Harald Böhmelt: Warum hat die Adelheid...
03 Jaques Renée: Erotik
04 Cole Porter: Night and day
05 Peter Igelhoff: Der Onkel Doktor hat gesagt...
06 Charlie Chaplin: Smile
07 Alphons Czibulka: Heimweh kennt kein Zigeuner
08 Christian Sinding: Frühlingsrauschen
09 Paul Lincke: Glühwürmchen-Idyll
10 Erich Sendel: Wolkenspiele
11 Friedrich Wilhelm Rust: Bleibe bei mir, kleines Marienkäferlein
12 Karl Kapeller: Ich hab' amal a Räuscherl g'habt
13 Hans Zander: Die goldene Geige
14 Helmut Nier: Eis, Eis, Eis
15 Franz Grothe: So schön wie heut', so müsst es bleiben
16 Franz Grothe: Illusion