»bass clarinet essentials«


Audio-CD / 20 tracks / total time 72:35

Matthias Höfer (bass clarinet)
Manami Sano (piano)

Release on November 20, 2018.
EAN: 1925628541126

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Ever since Wagner, Meyerbeer, and Verdi, the bass clarinet has had a firm place in the romantic (opera) orchestra. The instrument‘s solo career began in 1955 with the Czech clarinetist Josef Horák. Even so, strong pieces exist from the time before 1955, which are presented on this CD: Schoeck‘s Sonata, op. 41, Hindemith‘s Sonata for Bassoon, and Adolf Busch‘s Suite.

»bass clarinet essentials« (brhCD1702)
Presse release from November 20, 2018

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Othmar Schoeck
01-03 Sonate für Bassklarinette und Klavier op. 41

Paul Hindemith
04-05 Sonate (1938) für Fagott und Piano
(Version for bass clarinet and piano)

Adolf Busch
06-09 Suite d-Moll für Bassklarinette solo op. 37a (1926)

Eugène Bozza
10 Ballade (1939) for bass clarinet and piano

Ernst Krenek
11 Prelude (Allegro ma non troppo, vigoroso)

Thornton Winsloe = Ernst Krenek 
12-14 Sonatine for bass clarinet with piano accompaniment

Alois Hába
15-18 Suite für Bassklarinette und Klavier op. 100

Mike Mower
19 Sonatina for Bassoon & Piano (2004)

20 Josef Horák Interview (1994)
(about the version for bass clarinet of P. Hindemith's Sonata)

Press quotes

Bass clarinetist Matthias Höfer and pianist Manami Sano have made a significant addition to the discography for the instrument with Bass Clarinet Essentials. (...) The repertoire of the disc provides a hearty meal for the listener's ear and is an impressive amount of work to have created for this album. (...)

The Clarinet
46/4 (September 2019)
Author: Cody Grabbe