Robert Dowland: A Musicall Banquet


Audio CD / 21 tracks / total time 71:41

The Schoole of Night

Release on February 1, 2021
EAN: 0195081720210

The CD is available at jpc and for download on, Apple Music and Amazon (exclusively on eClassical in studio quality 24 bit / 96 kHz).

Robert Dowland: A Musicall Banquet is the second CD  of the »John Dowland pilgrimage« by the ensemble The Schoole of Night. After its conclusion all of Dowland´s songs will be available on CD in 2026, the 400th year of his death.

Frank Pschichholz, the band's musical director, presumes that Dowland's songbooks were designed as connected song cycles. Thus, »A Musicall Banquet« was performed completely and in the order that John Dowland's son, Robert Dowland, specified.

The Schoole of Night is an ensemble which has been dealing with the »English Melancholy« for years. In Dowland's days, melancholy had a large presence and, according to the Schoole of Night, was not just a passing fad but also a form of political expression of followers of the Earl of Essex. Sir Robert Sidney, Robert Dowland's godfather and patron of »A Musicall Banquet«, presents their melancholy pose as a retrospect, for the Earl of Essex died on the scaffold in 1601.

The recording was produced at the Sendesaal Bremen in October 2018. The singer is Maria Skiba. Frank Pschichholz plays the lute.

Robert Dowland: A Musicall Banquet (brhCD2001)
Press release from December 22, 2020
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01 John Dowland: Syr Robert Sidney his Galliard
02 Anthony Holborne: My heavy sprit oppresst with sorrows might
03 Richard Martin: Change thy minde since she doth change
04 Robert Hales: O Eyes leave off your weeping
05 D'Incerto: Goe my flocke, get you hence
06 D'Incerto: O deere life when shall it be
07 Daniell Batchelar: To plead my faith where faith hath no reward
08 Tesseir: In a Grove most rich of shade
09 John Dowland: Farre for triumphing Court
10 John Dowland: Lady if you so spight mee
11 John Dowland: In darknesse let me dwell
12 D'Incerto: Si le parler & le silence
13 D'Incerto: Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie
14 D'Incerto: Vous que le bon heur r'appelle
15 D'Incerto: Passava amor suarco dessarmado
16 D'Incerto: Sta notte mien yava
17 D'Incerto: Vuestros oios tienen d'Amor
18 Dom. Maria Megli: Se di farmi morire
19 Gui. Caccini Detto Romano: Dovrò dunque morire?
20 Gui. Caccini Detto Romano: Amarilli mia bella
21 D'Incerto: O bella pipiu