Willy Klose

Technician / Stage and light

Since the rescue of the Sendesaal hall in 2009, Willy Klose has been organizing all technical sequences both on and behind the stage at concert events and additionally is responsible for the light show of every event in the hall. He carries out the conservation work and maintenance of the hall which remains under preservation order. 

Willy Kloses interest in historic handicraft as well as the pleasure in arts and culture, led him in the early 90s to a collaboration with a restauration workshop in Oldenburg near Bremen of about eight years. His special subjects were: furniture, intarsia, church inventory, gilding, tableaux, wall painting, framing, sculpture, stucco, status diagnostics, documentation and mapping. During these years he also participated in several restauration projects in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands and Turkey.

At end of the 90s he returned to Bremen and participated in constructing large scale stage settings at the »Theater am Goetheplatz«. 
Beginning in 2000, he graduated as technical engineer in the theatre, earning many useful artistic and technical skills for stage, light, video and sound.
Since 2004 he has been a member of the artistic-technical staff at the Bremen Theatre and furthermore he is freelancing as light designer, stage designer, outfitter, technician, and stage manager for theatre, film, radio, music, and major events. 

Contact information / Willy Klose

E-Mail willy.klose@sendesaal-bremen.de